“From Florida with Love” by Drake

Drake’s “From Florida with Love” is somewhat autobiographical in nature. That is to say that Drake references specific and interesting events from his life. For instance, he brings up a 2008 incident in which, while chillin’ with his mentor Lil Wayne, he also had the opportunity to meet the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Then another intriguing story which he makes mention of is the time when, in 2009, he was robbed at gunpoint in Toronto, i.e. his hometown. And in that regard he proclaims that he learned a “lesson”, and accordingly such “hasn’t happened since”.

Meanwhile the title of the track is most likely a reference to the fact that he recorded “From Florida with Love” in a studio in Miami, i.e. the most-popular city in the titular state. Also worth mentioning is that he gives a shoutout to “YMB”, i.e. the Young Money Billionaires, which is the clique run by Lil Wayne which Drizzy got his musical start with. But overall the lyrics read sort of like a freestyle, as in the rapper not being overly concerned with sticking to central topic. In fact this is reportedly a track which he recorded for another album but did not decide to use until now, on a project filled with “demo tapes”. 

So conclusively, as the title implies, it can be deduced that this is a song which is simply close to the artist’s heart.

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