“Had a Dream (For the Heart)” by The Judds

The reason that the vocalist is dreaming about the addressee is apparently due to the latter’s absence. The strong implication here is that this message is being sent to a lover who is estranged or not around for whatever unspecified reason. And unfortunately for the singer, that is the only person she feels her heart can love. So as it currently stands, she’s forced to deal with the resultant depression of being separated from the person whom she deems as her soulmate.

The Judds, "Had a Dream (For the Heart)" Lyrics

Credits for “Had a Dream (For the Heart)”

Dennis Linde wrote this track and the first artist to record this was Teresa Brewer on her 1975 album, “Unliberated Woman”.

When did The Judds’ release their version?

The Judds’ cover of this track was released on 17th December, 1983. It was their lead single off their maiden EP, “Wynonna & Naomi” that hit stores later in February 1984.

Chart Performance

This version by The Judds performed well on charts in the United States and Canada.

The Judds’ version
US Billboard’s Hot Country Songs#17
Canadian RPM Country Tracks#15

Notable Versions

“Had a Dream (For the Heart)” has been covered many times, with some simply titling the track “For the Heart”.

  • Teresa Brewer (1975)
  • Elvis Presley (1976)
  • Jerry Walker (1978)
  • Elvis Wade (1987)
  • The Jordanaires (1990)
  • Colin Paul and The Persuaders (2008)
  • Ray Ellis “For the Heart” (2010)
Had a Dream (For the Heart)

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