“Half in Half Out” by Gabrielle Aplin

This song is somewhat similar in sentiment to “Don’t Know What I Want”, which is found a couple of slots prior on the playlist of “Phosphorescent”. Only in this case, it’s not as abundantly clear who between the vocalist and addressee is “half in, half out” in terms of their relationship.

On one hand, it appears that Gabrielle may be referring to herself, who comes off as someone that is still in love with her ex, even though he apparently mistreated her. Or it may be she is referencing his changing mannerisms, how he was evidently committed in the past but now behaves as if he doesn’t remember her at all.

And the above analysis is presuming that the two parties at hand were in fact romantically involved. But in any event, it is clear that the vocalist is in her feelings now that the addressee, this person who held so much influence over Gabrielle, is no longer in her life.

“You don’t remember me
I’m nowhere to be seen
Half in, half out again”
Half in Half Out

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