“Blood on My Jeans” by Juice WRLD (ft. Gunna)

Juice WRLD’s “Blood on My Jeans” doesn’t really have a particular topic, as it deals with a myriad of subjects. Juice’s verse for the most part alludes to his success as well as having the rapper address his haters and groupies. And he also makes references in the chorus to one of his favorite topics, drugs. However, in this case he says he’s giving them up and focusing instead on weed. Moreover in the chorus he is also addressing a romantic interest in the usual Juice WRLD, apologetic fashion.   

Meanwhile it can be said the primary focus of Gunna’s verse is his wealth. And the title of this song alludes to the idea of the vocalist (Juice) having recently shot someone. And he did so “at close range”, so he “got blood on (his) jeans”. So the implication would be that he is “on the run”, as the title suggests, due to committing this crime.

“Baby, I’ve been on the run
But I would never run from your love”

Juice is credited as the writer of “On the Run”. And the track was produced by an artist known as Gezin.

Juice and Gunna have teamed up a few times in the past. In fact the first track which actually featured only the two of them, Gunna’s “On a Plane”, was released the day after Juice passed away in December of 2019.

July 10th, 2020 is the official date of release of “Blood on My Jeans”. It is one of the tracks on Juice’s maiden posthumous album, “Legends Never Die”. This project was supported by the following singles:

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