“Hot Girl Bummer” by Blackbear

Blackbear’s “Hot Girl Bummer” is an unusual song, and not only due to it making headlines before anyone even heard it. Rather it is an ode to the awkwardness of the singer and his homeys.

Song’s Title

The title is actually a parody of another track, “Hot Girl Summer”, which was recently released by Megan Thee Stallion and named after her viral marketing campaign. Megan’s song is basically an ode to her exciting, freewheeling lifestyle. But in contrast, a “bummer” is actually a depressing event. And for the most part, Blackbear presents himself and those he interacts with as challenged individuals, though more in an angst-filled, comedic sense.

At certain points he does speak of romantic interests. And the titular “hot girl” seems to be a lady whom he is engaged in a troubled romance with. But overall this song is meant to illustrate the mindframe and lifestyle of Blackbear. For example, he seems to come off as the rude, anti-social type who doesn’t relate well with other people nor really desires to. And he more or less lets it be known that despite his celebrity status, life is not all peaches. Indeed for the most part, this is a song being relayed by an annoyed, down-to-earth character. And if he is parodying anything, it is the idea that celebrities such as himself are always supposed to be materialistic and happy.

But in a roundabout way, in the chorus especially, it can be argued that Blackbear is making fun of the whole scenario of Megan’s fans being upset with him due to deriving the title of this song from her own. And what he would basically be saying in that regard is that he doesn’t care and that they should back off. But again, that seems to be the disposition he has against the world in general.

Lyrics of "Hot Girl Bummer"

Release Date of “Hot Girl Bummer”

Interscope Records along with Beartrap released “Hot Girl Bummer” as a standalone single on 23 August 2019.

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” was released a couple of weeks prior.  When her fans caught wind that Blackbear was naming his new track “Hot Girl Bummer”, they basically accused him of copyright infringement and racism.

However in a since-deleted social-media post, Blackbear assured everyone that this song “is not a parody and has nothing to do with” Megan’s track. In others words, whereas “Hot Girl Bummer” may be a play on words from the title of Megan’s song, it is about a completely-different subject matter.

Writing and Production Credits

“Hot Girl Bummer” was written and produced by Blackbear along with Frnd.

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