“Queen of Broken Hearts” by Blackbear

On “Queen of Broken Hearts”, Blackbear takes on a female persona for the sake of narrative. Basically he is the titular “queen of broken hearts”. That is a poetic way of saying that romantic interests approach him at their own risk. And he is particularly addressing those whom he interacts with via social media. Or according to his own explanation of this tune, the lyrics are based on how relying on social media negatively affects his mental health. And resultantly, he can sometimes behave in an off-putting manner on internet platforms. Moreover in the case of this particular song, the victim(s) of his bad attitude would be a romantic interest.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Blackbear's Queen of Broken Hearts at Lyrics.org.

“Queen of Broken Hearts” was written and produced by Blackbear and FRND.

Interscope in association with Alamo Records released this track on July 9th, 2020. It is from Blackbear’s 2020 album entitled “Everything Means Nothing: Part 1”.

It should be noted that prior to the song’s official release, it leaked online.

Blackbear recorded a lyric video and music video to this song prior to the track’s release.  At the time of the release of the song, whether or not the latter will be officially used is up in the air. However, interesting to note is that he filmed said video while in quarantine, and his own brother directed the clip.

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    Yay! New song. I love your music so i’m excited about this song. (After hearing): YESSSSSSS


    lovely work 🙂

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    love your work🤩

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    Love this song keep the good work up blackbear! 🙂

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