“Me & Ur Ghost” by Blackbear

Even though Blackbear contends that he penned “Me & Ur Ghost” “literally about a spirit”, in reality what the titular “ghost” represents is the lingering presence of his ex-girlfriend. Or stated differently, yes they have indeed broken up, apparently some time ago. Yet he is still suffering from “depression” associated with their relationship. Or to put the situation more bluntly, he appears to still be pissed off at her! And this in turn would indicate he hasn’t completely gotten over her. This is made apparent by the fact that he is burning some of her items, such as “three Chanel dresses”, which are still in his possession. 

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And his lingering displeasure with her is perhaps made most evident when he references the “lot of spiders in the attic”. This phrase would actually be a metaphor for his memories of her. And based on the second verse, at the heart of his gripe is the feeling that she used him. That is he is convinced that she “never cared about” him. She dated him primarily as a means of increasing her own popularity. 

So conclusively, the primary sentiment being expressed is Blackbear’s desire to basically forget about a particular ex-girlfriend, as in “erase” her from his memory. But it is also pretty obvious, considering the overall tone of the song, that in the present said desire is an unrealistic one, as it is made abundantly clear that she is constantly on his mind.


Date of Release of “Me & Ur Ghost”

On 16 January 2020 this became the second single released from Blackbear’s fifth solo-studio album. The album goes by the title “Sad But Chillin”. The labels behind the tune are Interscope Records and Alamo Records. 

And on that same day, the song made its debut on “New Music Daily with Zane Lowe” via Apple Music.

Writing Credits

Blackbear is on of the writers and producers of this song. The other is one of his regular collaborators, an artist who goes by the name of FRND.

5 Responses

  1. Tiger_star647 says:

    This was really sad how black bear is suffering from “crippling depression” I feel real bad about him. I hope he really gets over his ex girlfriend fast. I am a real supporter. I support blackbear to get over his ex. Good-luck black bear keep living the life you want to

  2. Amber Noe says:

    I feel similar to him. My boyfriend and I broke up two years and I’m still not even close to being over him. I think about him 24/7. And I cry most of every night because of how much I miss him. I’ve turned into a jerk, and lost interest in everything but him…and music, I could never loose interest in music. I now never leave my bed. I laid in bed in cried all day on my 15th birthday and on my sweet 16, I was too sad to do anything else. I got prescribed Zoloft after being diagnosed with severe depression. The pills did nothing for me, because it’s not stupid pills that I need. I need my boyfriend back. Stupid pills and therapy sessions can’t change what I’m going through and how I feel. Another song that I feel I have in common with

    • Anonymous says:

      Your way to young to think about a guy like that lol wait till your 21 and hit the bars you wouldn’t even care about that dude. All girls change once they hit 21 just saying

  3. Anonymous says:

    Still miss my ex but I know I should get over them but I can’t and I have a new boyfriend that I love dearly but I still miss him and I met 4 other people who like me romantically but nothing is the same and it won’t be ever and I haven’t been happy in over a year because of him. So I feel you blackbear

  4. Mairi says:

    I have a tattoo that says “Me + ur ghost” on my right forearm for this song. It expresses exactly how I feel over my divorce from my alcoholic ex husband.

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