Meaning of “Guardian Angel” by XXXTentacion

“Guardian Angel” is the title of a 2018 posthumous release by the late American rapper XXXTentacion. This heartbreak-themed song sees X lamenting about the pain his heart is overflowing with. As he wallows in sadness, the narrator (X) takes a moment to apologize to the people he has hurt owing to his own heartbreak.

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This song is regarded as a successor to X’s 2017 song titled “Jocelyn Flores“. Jocelyn Flores was a female friend of X’s who committed suicide in his hotel room. Jocelyn’s death left X very, very heartbroken and devastated. His pain led him to write “Jocelyn Flores” – a song about Jocelyn.

It is believed that the guardian angel, X talks about in this posthumous track is none other than Jocelyn. She died and now she’s become an angel that guards him throughout life.

"Guardian Angel" lyrics

The above profound lines are lyrics from the outro of “Guardian Angel”.

Facts about “Guardian Angel”

  • XXXTentacion wrote this song with Shiloh Dynasty. Dynasty’s vocals can also be heard on this track.
  • The instrumental on “Guardian Angel” is the same instrumental from the song “Jocelyn Flores”. However, in this one, it is reversed.
  • This is the second track from the 2018 album Skins. This album is the third studio album of X’s career. It is also X’s first posthumous album. X was working on this album when he was brutally murdered in June 2018. FYI, Skins was leaked on December 4, 2018 (3 days before its official release).
  • The overall length of this posthumos track is just 1:48.
  • In addition to sampling “Jocelyn Flores”, this track also interpolates it.

What’s the release date of “Guardian Angel”?

The song was leaked on December 4th, 2018. However, December 7th 2018, would be its official release date.

Who produced this track?

Production of this song was done by Potus. Potus is a longtime collaborator of X’s. He was also the one behind the production of X’s “Flores”.

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