“Icy” by Logic (featuring Gucci Mane)

Logic and Gucci Mane team up for the first time on this track to project two meanings of the term “Icy”. Literally, the word icy symbolizes someone who is unfriendly. However, it is also a slang term used to describe someone who is covered in expensive diamonds and jewelry which metaphorically look similar to regular ice.

The chorus which carries words like mean and ‘bad motherf***er’ could possibly mean that he is actually hostile to people. However, delving deep into the lyrics of the first verse, we see that Logic and Gucci Mane are mainly flaunting their wealth.

Logic’s lines

Logic begins talking about his childhood dream of getting rich by getting into the industry. He compares his control of his rap talent to playing a game with a hand-held console. He adds that he’s not necessarily rapping for money, however he has been able to make more money than he needs. Then he mentions all the privileges and pleasures at his disposal and tells his audience to follow him because he feels like he’s made of ice, again referring to his material possessions.

Logic returns in the third verse with a different perspective. He goes blunt with his lines especially as he talks about women he’s been with. He admits he’s being cold and criticizes women are all about seeking attention on Social Media. It appears that he finds a girl who is only with him for the fame quite unattractive. He tells her to consider if he’s a good man, rather than being obsessed with posting about every activity all over Instagram. He then reverts to brandish his fame as he mentions that he can’t believe he attends the Grammy parties with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Lyrics of "Icy"

Gucci Mane’s lines

Gucci Mane basically puts the message across that he’s really icy, as in covered in diamonds and bling and the ladies can’t have enough of him. He references rapper Andre 3000 by claiming that he’s so fresh and clean. He continues to mention that his mother named him Radric, (Radric Davis), similar to the word ‘radical’ which he believes is a true reflection of his personality. He goes on to talk about his female fans who are overly obsessed with him, but don’t stand a chance because they’re not as cool as he is.

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  1. Robin Hoodloom says:

    A video Is dropping soon.im the Yella Fella that fits the star with an Icy Grill

  2. Logically says:

    Just dropped!

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