Logic’s “Bohemian Trapsody” Lyrics Meaning

Logic’s “Bohemian Trapsody” is a simple rap tune that consists primarily of repetitive hooks, breaks and choruses. However, there are three primary themes Logic is putting forth that can be derived from the track. One is his own power as an individual/rapper. Second is the affection he feels and the sacrifices he is willing to make for someone whom he loves. And third is his feelings towards marijuana.

The song begins with a pre-hook where Logic is comparing himself to an astronomical object. Through this comparison, he highlights his ability to ‘make the Earth ignite’ and travel “at the speed of light”.  These lines of course are not meant to be taken literally but rather are metaphors of how powerful Logic feels as an individual. For instance, legendary rapper Rakim used similar imagery on his 1988 classic “Follow the Leader”.

Logic also brings up the topic of how he is willing to sacrifice ‘his all’ for the woman he loves. In fact he promises to such a special lady to hold nothing back – whether physically, emotionally or mentally – once he has ‘fallen’ for her.

The track ends with a couple of brief verses. The first reads more like a hook where Logic seemingly brings up the subjects of alcohol, marijuana and a woman who is entertaining him. The second is specifically about “weed” and how partaking of it ‘elevates’ his mental state and makes him more “innovative”. Then he briefly makes a comparison between his success and that of others who aren’t trending before suggesting that marijuana should be legalized.

But what really is the meaning of “Bohemian Trapsody”?

First of all it’s highly not likely that Logic is trying to insinuate that he is a “bohemian”. We think rather he just named it like that to capitalize off of the current Queen and “Bohemian Rhapsody” craze that’s trending.

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