Logic’s “Clickbait” Lyrics Meaning

The term “Clickbait” actually refers to controversial practices media personalities use in order to increase viewership. Or put differently, such individuals will sometimes resort to insensitive and/or intrusive tactics in the name of instantaneously and dramatically increasing or retaining their audience. 

And the person in particular who Logic is accusing of such is “shameless” radio host Charlemagne tha God. This radio hos is said to have once asked Bobby Tarantino “the worst interview question of all time”. Logic also targets media institutions in general who tried to capitalize on a “homophobic” tweet he made in 2011. And in the process, Logic makes a statement about his willingness to intimately pleasure another male. Part of his logic (no pun intended) for saying this seems to run along the lines of being predisposed to complete a homosexual act in order to prove that he is not anti-gay. But he also uses it as a setup to lead the rap to its ultimate conclusion.


In other words, he mocks the audience for ‘needing’ such over-the-top comments in order to be interested in an artist. In fact if a primary thesis were to be derived from “Clickbait”, it would be something along the lines of Logic criticizing mainstream social-media audiences, which is actually a topic he expounds upon quite often.

So once again he is portraying the role of the distressed pop artists who suffers from confusion and self-esteem issues due to internet trolls. But what differentiates this track from others where he took a similar disposition is that this time he has an identifiable rival in Charlemagne. Moreover, throughout the song, he utilizes some very-adult terminology in general to get his points across.

Lyrics of "Clickbait"

Facts about “Clickbait”

  • Prior to the release of this song, Logic had appeared on “The Breakfast Club”, the radio program hosted by Charlemagne tha God, twice. Those dates were 21 October 2014 and 17 November 2015.  However, according to this song, he has vowed not to do so again.
  • Logic’s line about his willingness to intimately make a man happy is actually another jab at Charlemagne tha God. And why? Simply because Charlemagne once made a similar sarcastic comment in relation to Tekashi 6ix9ine.
  • “Clickbait” comes from Logic’s 2019 album. That album is titled Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It was released by Def Jam Recordings and Visionary Music Group on 10 May 2019.
  • Logic wrote the song with assistance from the track’s producers, !llmind and 6ix.
  • In response to “Clickbait”, the staff at “The Breakfast Club” dubbed Logic “Donkey of the Day” on 10 May 2019.

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