Logic’s “Supermarket” Lyrics Meaning

“Supermarket” is the title track of an album Logic released in 2019 in conjunction with his debut novel, which is also entitled “Supermarket”.  The book is basically a love story, and accordingly, this track is also based on that same theme.

Apparently the girl who has caught his eye is an employee of a supermarket or some sort of department store. And while Logic has become so infatuated with homegirl that he has written a song about her, apparently she doesn’t even know that he is interested in her. To put it succinctly, Young Sinatra is a secret admirer. So the way his love is currently manifest is by him doing unnecessary shopping in the supermarket just for him to get a glimpse of this lady.

And for now, the romance with her is restricted to his fantasies, which includes the two of them dancing together inside of the department store.

Lyrics of "Supermarket"

Logic acknowledges that he is not particularly out looking for a girlfriend. But this lady has really captivated his attention. And he understands that it is a bit ‘creepy’ for him to be persistently peeping her from afar. But the song concludes with him still fantasizing, devoid of any concrete plans to initiate the relationship he so strongly desires.

Facts about “Supermarket”

  • Logic co-wrote “Supermarket” with his in-house producer 6ix. The pair also took care of the production of the track together.
  • “Supermarket” was released on March 26, 2019. It is the fifth track on Supermarket (Soundtrack) which accompanies the love story in Logic’s book of the same name. It is noteworthy that we mention that Supermarket  (Soundtrack) is officially the 5th studio album of Logic’s career. His own record label (Visionary Music Group) confirmed this via social media.
  • In addition to the likes of “Bohemian Trapsody” and “Time Machine“, “Supermarket” is one of the most outstanding tracks on the aforementioned studio album.

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