“Motley Crew” by Post Malone

A “motley crew”, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “an unusual mixed group”. And the chorus of this song basically features Post Malone applying such a designation unto his own gang of homeys. Moreover all things considered, such as the fact that he named a song after Tommy Lee in the past, the title is also meant to be a shoutout to heavy metalists Mötley Crüe.

And considering that Malone is using the opportunity of this track to big up “the army” that he rolls with, the stage is also set for him to promote the idea that he moves with killers, i.e. “John Wick hitters”. 

He is also able to capitalize on the deepness in his crew to engage in certain bad boy activities, such as jumping lines as opposed to waiting in queues. And said queues would probably be to venues such as nightclubs, as this piece is clearly intended to be a dance song. 

As a matter of fact according to the vocalist, it was primarily inspired by him fantasizing of people partying again as with the days of old (i.e. pre-COVID). And outside of being gang-related, Post is also able to boast of his wealth and the women at his disposal. 

And of course there are references to inebriation and possibly illicit drug use as well. FYI, all of the above more or less are Post Malone standards.

In fact with that idea in mind, there isn’t necessarily anything groundbreaking concerning this piece, at least not in terms of its lyrics. Indeed what is perhaps most peculiar about it is that it is actually themed on Malone belonging to a gang, if you will.

Lyrics to Post Malone's "Motley Crew"

Release Date of “Motley Crew”

UMG and Republic Records made this track public on 9 July 2021. As of said date, it will reportedly serve as the lead single from Malone’s forthcoming studio album. The said album will be his fourth.

Post Malone

Malone’s first studio album, 2016’s “Stoney”, was a major multi-platinum hit, and he hasn’t really looked back since. That is to say that the two that followed, “Beerbongs & Bentleys” (2018) and “Hollywood’s Bleeding” (2019), went multiplatinum in multiple countries. Furthermore, they also achieved what the debut didn’t, which was topping the Billboard 200. They also replicated the same feat on the UK Albums Chart.

Music Video for Malone’s “Motley Crew”

One way in which Post Malone’s A list status is manifest as far as this project is concerned is by the number of celebrities who make cameos in the music video. The clip was directed by popular hip-hop filmographer Cole Bennett. Amongst the notable names that appear in the video include the following rappers:

  • Trinidad James
  • French Montana
  • Big Sean
  • Tyga

In addition to these rappers, professional racecar drivers Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin also appear in the clip. In fact Posty himself appears as a racecar driver in the clip. The entire video was filmed at the Auto Club Speedway in California.

Tommy Lee

The video also stars Tommy Lee himself, whom some readers would recognize as the drummer of the real-life Mötley Crüe, a legendary rock band that has been around since the early 1980s. 

To note, Tommy is recognized as a personal associate of Malone’s whom he shares a musical history with. Actually they collaborated on a 2018 track entitled “Over Now”. Moreover Malone was featured on a 2020 tune by Tyla Yaweh which is actually entitled “Tommy Lee”. And by the way, Tyla also makes an appearance on the “Motley Crew” music video.

Motley Crew

More Facts about “Motley Crew”

Posty, as the main vocalist is sometimes referred to, wrote Motley Crew alongside the following names:

  • Daniel Costov
  • Danny Levin
  • Ezemdi Chikwendu

The track’s producers, Louis Bell and D.A. Got That Dope also receive writing credits.

Motley Crew is the first original single since those featured on Hollywood’s Bleeding that Post Malone has dropped as the sole headline artist. However, earlier in 2021, he did cover the song “Only Wanna Be with You” (originally by Hootie & the Blowfish) for the 25th anniversary Pokémon album.

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