“Forever” by Justin Bieber (ft. Post Malone & Clever)

“Forever” centers on the narrators stating their dedication to their respective romantic partners. It’s Justin Bieber who holds down the chorus and the first verse. The chorus is more like he’s questioning whether or not the female addressee actually wants to be with him “forever, ever, ever”. And in the process, he acknowledges her ability to keep him on the right track.  Meanwhile one of the topics he touches upon in his verse is that idea that he never had any intentions of ‘settling down’ before meeting this lady. So even though no names are mentioned, the general implication is that the Biebs is indeed speaking of his wife, Hailey Baldwin. 

Then comes Post Malone. He takes a different approach as he depicts the relationship he is in as being a committed one alright. But this is illustrated by the fact that he and his partner keep getting back together despite breaking up “many times”. 

And Clever sticks more to the standard that Justin had established by likewise stating the positive effect being with his lady has on him in addition to his desire to “settle down” with her. 

So what we have here is a case of three artists who have met romantic partners which have inspired them to forsake all others. And it can also be said, particularly as far as Bieber and Clever are concerned, that the romances they are in have or are in the process of leading to marriage.

Lyrics of "Forever"

Facts about “Forever”

Besides the three vocalists, there are 4 other writers of “Forever”. They are Louis Bell, Derrick Milano and the track’s two producers, Poo Bear and HARV.

Def Jam Records released this track as part of Justin Bieber’s album “Changes” on 14 February 2020. Def Jam didn’t issue it as a single.

“Forever” marks Bieber’s first collaboration with Clever. In contrast he and Malone have a bit of a history teaming up. However, the only song officially released prior to this one in which they collaborated is Posty’s 2016 track “Deja Vu”.

This track is one of the five tracks on “Changes” which feature other artists besides Bieber. The others include:

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