“Get Me” by Justin Bieber (ft. Kehlani)

In “Get Me”, Justin Bieber and Kehlani portray the role of romantic interests.  And the way the story plays out is that they were friends or some type of associates before falling for each other. In fact the notion of them being in love has caught both of them by surprise, particularly in terms of the rapport they share. 

And one of the things they appreciate about each other is their individual uniqueness, as in the fact that they “don’t fit in” with the crowd. Moreover they apparently derive much pleasure from each other, as the title is based on the expression that they are ‘getting high’, as in experiencing euphoria, via this whole relationship. 

So in summation this is a love song. And the singers’ joy is twofold. On one hand, they are appreciative that they have found a partner they can naturally relate to. And their happiness is increased by the fact that they never expected this relationship to jumpoff in the first place.

Lyrics of "Get Me"

Facts about “Get Me”

This track was officially released by Def Jam Recording and RBMG on 28 January 2020, with Bieber first teasing it the day prior. It was the second single released from his album, “Changes”. “Yummy” was the first single from Bieber’s “Changes” album.

The production team behind “Get Me” includes the following:

  • CVRE
  • Boi-1da
  • Poo Bear
  • Vinylz

The latter three artists on that list also co-wrote the song along with Bieber, Noah Sammak and Jun Ha Kim.

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