“Moscow Mule” by Bad Bunny

For starters, the title of this song (“Moscow Mule”) is actually the name of a popular cocktail. And alcohol does play a role in the chorus, with the vocalist stating how a bit of intoxication gets him sexually excited. In the bridge, Bad Bunny does infer that “Moscow mule” is a favorite drink of his.

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But that stated, the addressee is his romantic interest. And what we’re dealing with here is, most simply put, a sex song, i.e. one centered primarily on Bad Bunny’s erotic feelings for this lady. And with Bunny being a reggaeton artist and all, there is also a dirty-dancing element to the lyrics as well as, as is often the case with artists such as himself, the narrative being in part set on the beach.

Bad Bunny, "Moscow Mule" Lyrics

Bad Bunny

As of the onset of the 2020s Bad Bunny, who hails from Puerto Rico, is one of the most successful Latin musicians in the world. For instance, his last studio album, “El Último Tour Del Mundo”, was the first ever rendered entirely in Spanish to managed to top the Billboard 200. His LP that preceded that, “YHLQMDLG”, which was also released in 2020, has thus far been certified 24 times platinum according to the RIAA’s Latin albums standard (whereas a single platinum certification equals 60,000 sales).

“Moscow Mule”

Bad Bunny’s fourth studio album, “Un Verano Sin Ti”, was released on 6 May 2022. On that same day, “Moscow Mule”, which is leadoff song on its playlist, was also issued as the project’s second single via Rimas Music (with the first being “Callaíta” a collaboration with Tainy that came out in 2019).

Bad Bunny wrote “Moscow Mule”, with its producers. La Paciencia, MAG, Mick Coogan and Scotty Dittrich are the names of the producers.

The director of the track’s music video is a Bad Bunny affiliate known as Stillz. FYI, the clip has made headlines due to that fact that the vocalist reportedly appears naked therein.

Moscow Mule

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