“Like Selena” by The Weeknd

“Like Selena” is a song that R&B singer The Weeknd is said to be working on. The evidence of this is that the track’s title has been registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). And one of the registrants is Abel Tesfaye, who is better known as The Weeknd.

The public apparently discovered that this registration existed on 24 November 2019. Shortly thereafter, on 25 November, The Weeknd teased that he was about to drop new music – in fact his first solo joint since 2018.  Thus many fans anticipated that “Like Selena” was indeed about to be released. However, what actually transpired was that he came out with a song called “Heartless”. FYI, “Heartless” didn’t mention a “Selena” at all.

The main reason fans are anxious to know what exactly “Like Selena” is about is because The Weeknd actually dated none other than Selena Gomez way back in 2017. That relationship lasted less than a year. And till date, neither of the famous parties involved seems to have ever shared any details concerning their romance. Rumor has it that their breakup was due to scheduling conflicts. And after they did indeed part ways they both went back to their ex-lovers, which in Selena’s case was Justin Bieber. The Weeknd, on the other hand, got back to together with model Bella Hadid.


So it will be interesting to see what develops with “Like Selena”. In this day and age it is trendy for popular musicians to make songs detailing juicy matters in their personal lives. Thus the logical conclusion would be that if The Weeknd actually does release a track by this title, then it would center on something really juicy. And by juicy, we mean the little-known and indeed fan-pleasing aspects of his past romance with Selena.

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