“Losses” by Drake

“Losses” is a lengthy lyrical outing in which Drake goes on a tirade, if you will, against a particular homey. Or more specifically let’s say it’s an ex-homey, as his and Drake’s close relationship has come to end. However, this is obviously someone who is still close to the vocalist’s heart, or otherwise he wouldn’t even go about detailing how the situation evolved in the first place. And what it all boils down to is that this individual stabbed Drake in the back, so to speak.

Actually as the rapper himself blew up, he kept this person by his side and let them also enjoy the fruits of his labor. However, in hindsight, Drake has come to realize that this individual was not as genuinely vested in their relationship as he first deduced. 

Drizzy himself was able to stay grounded and focused even after becoming rich. But his homey, who was never the star of the show himself, got ‘lost in the game’. That’s another way of saying that he somehow became disillusioned over Drake’s success and in the process of trying to achieve his own not only ‘sold his soul’ and also destroyed his relationship with Drizzy. Or another way of looking at this is that he somehow betrayed Drake in his own lust for comparable relevancy.


So it is easy to presume that in this particular case Drizzy may be talking about another artist that he tried to put on. Indeed similarly-natured tiffs between big-name rappers and their mentees is quite common in rap music. But at the end of the day the lyrics do not specify the exact nature of the relationship featured therein. The lyrics also do not specify who exactly Drake is rapping about. Yet what is clear is that the rapper perceives this particular association going awry, as the title suggests, as a ‘loss’.

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  1. Drew says:

    This song is about his dad

  2. Anonymous says:

    The song is about a female

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