Meaning of “Amen” by Drake

In “Amen” by Drake featuring Teezo Touchdown, the lyrics express gratitude and reflect on themes of prayer, relationships, and opulence. Teezo provides a chorus that intertwines notions of prayer with relationship dynamics, suggesting a hope that the female subject finds a man who treats her well.

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Meanwhile, Drake’s verse combines acknowledgment of luxuries with acknowledgment of sin, confessing and boasting in the same breath. He narrates offering his romantic partner lavish gifts and financial support while being aware of his own wrongdoings. The interspersed lines about prayer and thanks provide a contrasting, somewhat ironic backdrop to the worldly pursuits and infidelities discussed in the verses.

When was “Amen” released?

“Amen” was released on the 6th of October, 2023, Drake released it as part of his 2023 album, “For All the Dogs”.

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