Meaning of “Baby Birkin” by Gunna

What makes Gunna special is not that his songs are innovative per se. For instance, “Baby Birkin” centers on the tried-and-true rap music themes of hustling to make racks, living lavishly and having fun with women. But what does make Gunna extraordinary rather is his exceptional lyricism. In other words, he is able to take these age-old topics and a put a fresh, entertaining spin on them, which is really all hip-hop fandom truly wants.

 The titular “Birkin” is actually a ridiculously-expensive handbag. And the title of the song is derived from a line in chorus in which Gunna states his intention to buy one of these for his “daughter”, i.e. a “baby Birkin”. This statement seems to read primarily as a reference to crazy amounts of cash Gunna has at his disposal as well as what he prefers to spend it on. He’s basically telling the world how willing and able he is to spontaneously buy an item that costs tens of thousands of dollars simply in the name of his “daughter” drippin’.  

However, such is not necessarily the theme of the track in its entirety. Indeed as alluded to earlier, there are a number of issues discussed, such as Gunna’s come-up, his propensity towards acting violently and his rock-star lifestyle in general. But in reality, the main subject matter “Baby Birkin” is based on is the rapper’s relationship with women. We say this because having analyzed the entire lyrics, we realize that his affairs with women is the topic he seems to dedicate the most bars to. And this is not in terms of spending stacks of dough on them but rather in regards to engaging in intimate affairs with a number of different partners.


So in summation, the title of this track points to Gunna’s enviable wealth, but its primary subject matter are the rapper’s affairs with multiple women, with his ascension into stardom and overall style of living also being discussed. And in the process of relishing his way of living, Gunna also obviously gives a big shoutout to Birkin, to the point where it is conceivable that he is formally working with Hermes, the brand’s owner.

Release of “Baby Birkin”

Young Stoner Life Records in conjunction with 300 Entertainment released “Baby Birkin” in February 2019 with the rest of Gunna’s Drip or Down 2 album. FYI, Drip or Drown 2 came out as his debut album.

Music Video

The music video for the song, which is directed by Spike Jordan, was not released until July of that year.  And Gunna teased its forthcoming via Instagram on 30 June by posting a pic of a group of models rocking luxury handbags as well another on the following day (1 July) featuring him alongside reality-TV star Jordan Woods. Woods co-stars in the video and is holding a Birkin.

 Indeed in keeping with the titular theme of the song, the music video features women receiving Birkin handbags as prizes at a carnival. To put that into perspective, the least-expensive Birkin costs around $12,000.

Creation of “Baby Birkin”

Wheezy, one of the biggest producers in the game circa 2019, produced “Baby Birkin”. He also co-wrote the song alongside Gunna.

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  1. rpm says:

    I have a daughter I’m buyin her baby birkin
    [expletive] her good got her legs hurtin

    Maybe these bars should not have been together

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