Meaning of “Daylight” by Drake 

“Daylight” by Drake intertwines themes of dominance, rivalry, and relationships with a boastful and somewhat vengeful tone, showcasing assertiveness and self-assuredness in both personal and professional arenas. With references to past relationships, violent outcomes, and a seemingly careless demeanor towards conflicts and issues, the song seemingly portrays Drake’s detachment and empowerment amidst hostility and opposition.

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The inclusion of a child’s (Adonis) voice might symbolize innocence amidst chaos, possibly reflecting contrasts between personal and public life or a glimpse into Drake’s personal side amidst the portrayed toughness. Furthermore, the introductory speech, taken from Tony Montana in “Scarface,” sets a tone that underlines a complex relationship with society’s perception and the inherent dichotomies found within the attainment of success and maintenance of moral integrity.

When was “Calling For You” released?

It was released on the 6th October, 2023 as part of his eighth album, “For All the Dogs”.

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