Meaning of “Members Only” by Drake (ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

“Members Only” by Drake featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR delves into themes of loyalty, relationships, identity, and the dynamics of inner circles.

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Here’s a deeper dive into its meaning:

Loyalty and Belonging: The repeated reference to being “down with the gangy” and being “one of my members” stresses the importance of loyalty and being deeply connected with a particular group or person. Drake values loyalty and sees the woman he’s singing about as someone who’s truly devoted and in line with his own crew or principles.

Relationships & Interactions: Drake hints at past relationships, noting differences with phrases like “My ex-girl was a head case, I cannot defend her.” The song reflects on interactions with other people, suggesting that loyalty and true connection are rare finds.

Identity and Representation: The line “They gotta see a part of me in her” points towards the idea of representation. It emphasizes that in a relationship, partners often represent each other, especially in the public eye.

Competitiveness & Territory: Drake mentions others in the city, hinting at competitive dynamics and territorial feelings with lines like “Ask them other guys in the city what happened” and “Are you jackin’ them or jackin’ us?”

Intimacy and Connection: Drake delves into deeper emotions and connections with phrases like “Going deeper inside, my feelings can’t subside” and hints at physical intimacy and the closeness they share.

Cultural and Playful References: The song is sprinkled with cultural and playful mentions, from “Hop off the yacht with the Henny for me” to time references like “6:30” and geographic nods like “N-Y-see me later when I’m right there like New Jersey.”

Changing Relationships & Dynamics: The line “Say you started dating girls now, say it to me with a straight face” touches on changing relationship dynamics and the fluidity of relationships.

Aspirations & Desires: With lines like “I wanna touch more money than Brinks” and “I bet I could change how you think,” Drake touches upon his aspirations and his confidence in influencing or being a significant part of someone’s life.


“Members Only” is a multifaceted exploration of relationships, loyalty, territorial sentiments, aspirations, and the nuances of inner circles. It provides a window into Drake’s mindset on connections, loyalty, and the intricate dance of relationships in the spotlight.


PARTYNEXTDOOR is the stage name of Jahron Anthony Brathwaite. Jahron is a Canadian artist. He is notably associated with the OVO Sound label, which is co-owned by popular artist Drake.

His music is a blend of R&B, hip-hop, and electronica, and he is known for his smooth, sultry vocals and introspective lyrics. He first gained major recognition in 2013 when he signed to Drake’s OVO label and released his first self-titled project, “PARTYNEXTDOOR.”

His melodic approach to music, alongside raw and emotive lyrics, quickly garnered attention and made him a significant player in the alternative R&B scene.

Over the years, PARTYNEXTDOOR has released numerous projects, including “PARTYNEXTDOOR Two” and “PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 (P3),” and has written songs for several well-known artists in the music industry, such as Rihanna, Drake, and DJ Khaled, showcasing his talent not just as a vocalist but also as a skilled songwriter.

He’s known for hits like “Not Nice”, “Come and See Me”, and “Recognize”, and has contributed to major tracks in the music industry like Rihanna’s “Work”. His style is recognized for its melancholic and atmospheric tone, often exploring themes of love, heartbreak, and desire.

Despite his somewhat low profile and reserved personality, PARTYNEXTDOOR has made a substantial impact on the R&B genre, influencing the sound and style of various other artists who emerged after him.

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