“Loyal” by PartyNextDoor ft. Drake

In “Loyal”, PartyNextDoor, backed up by Drake, is addressing his lover. And as the title suggests, he is touting his loyalty to her. This appears to be specifically within the context of her having some type of beef with his friends. In fact overall, the singer acknowledges that she has something like a “bad” personality. And whereas he desires for her to stop quarreling with his buddies, at the end of the day he admits that she is actually his “best friend”. 

Throughout the course of the song, it is also revealed that they have been together for a few years now. And part of his commitment/appeal to her obviously has something to do with the singer having ‘money in his pocket’.  It is also suggested that perhaps the present is a rocky time in their relationship, as the vocalist also seems to be begging her not to leave him. 

And it should also be noted that, as alluded to earlier, Drake’s vocal contributions are minuscule. He doesn’t actually have his own verse but rather a pre-chorus where he repeats lines PartyNextDoor has already established. Or simply put, Drake’s role in this song is serving primarily as the main artist’s adlibber. And the primary sentiments expressed are their desire to retain their romance with the addressee as well as assuring her that they are indeed “loyal”.

Lyrics of "Loyal"

Quick Facts about “Loyal”

“Loyal” was released on 22 November 2019 by Warner Music Group in conjunction with OVO Sound.

The latter label indicates that PartyNextDoor is in fact Drake’s artist. As such they have collaborated numerous times in the past, dating back to 2013.

“Loyal” was produced by Dregotjuice, 40 and OG Parker.

The latter two also co-wrote the song with Drake and of course PartyNextDoor. Songwriter D. Moore-Jackson is also credited as one of the co-writers of “Loyal”.

This song appears on PartyNextDoor’s album, which is tentatively entitled “Club Atlantis”. “The News” is also another huge song that appears on “Club Atlantis”.

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