Meaning of “Make Believe” by Juice WRLD

Succinctly put, “Make Believe” is a song where Juice WRLD shockingly fantasizes about killing a female.  What has brought about such sadistic thoughts is that he is in love with her, but she is threatening to leave him.

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 Juice already held the belief that this woman was going to dump him. However, once such words came out of her mouth, she turned herself into a “target” of his aggression. And his disposition is that if he can’t possess her, than no one else will. So now he is going to display his murderous side to her.

Lyrics of "Make Believe"

Part of his inspiration for deciding to perform such a heinous act is the infamous song “Stan” released by Eminem in 2000. The track referred to is based on the tale of an anxious young man who murders both himself and his girlfriend by driving off of a bridge. In reference to that song, WRLD states that Stan is actually “nicer” than he is. In other words, he is planning on doing a lot worse to this girl that shunned him, especially considering that as opposed to be being a drunk driver like Stan, Juice is actually high on something more dangerous.

FYI, Juice WRLD is a huge fan of the works of Eminem.

Ultimately Juice’s sentiments are a bit confusing. For instance, the “make believe” the title of this track is based on is his lack of belief in love. Yet he clearly cares enough about this woman to put both of their lives in danger – even end them – in the name of love.

NOTE: SMF strongly opposes violence against women in any form. Under no circumstances should you ever raise your hands to hit or harm a woman. Let us all unite to bring an end to violence against girls and women. Violence isn’t the solution. It has never been, and never will it be!

Facts about “Make Believe”

  • Juice WRLD wrote this song in conjunction with music producers TBHits and Boi-1da. The latter two worked with another producer named Jahaan Sweet to produce this track.
  • On March 8, 2018, Juice WRLD and his team unveiled this song, making it available for downloading and streaming across the globe.
  • “Make Believe” is the 22nd and last track on the Juice WRLD album titled Death Race for Love.
  • “Make Believe” uses samples from the American hip hop group The Pharcyde’s 1995 song “Runnin'”. It’s noteworthy to mention that “Runnin'” in itself also contains samples from a song titled “Saudade Vem Correndo” by American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz. Based on this, “Make Believe” can be said to technically contain samples from the two aforementioned songs.

Was “Make Believe” released as a single?

No. The album this song appears on (Death Race for Love) was heralded by two singles (“Hear Me Calling” and “Robbery“).

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