“Feeling” by Juice WRLD

“Feeling” is a freestyle by talented and successful rapper Juice WRLD, and the primary topic of this rap is his wealth and superior standing compared to his peers.

Of course being that this is Juice WRLD, there are some mentions of magic bullets in the track. In fact the “feeling” referred to in the title is due to him partaking of magic bullets, including Percocet and smoke. Indeed Juice mentions the former multiple times throughout the song –  in the intro, chorus and the first verse. He also alludes to the fact, as he does in a number of his other songs, that he has inner issues which he uses medications to help mitigate. 

That being said, the frequency of the word “perc” in this track may be due to the fact that it is a freestyle, as when going off the head, the repeated use of certain words is more or less unavoidable.

However, as previously stated, this track is dedicated to Juice’s wealth more than anything else – and not just in the usual hip-hop sense of delineating high-priced items he possesses or how he is richer than the next man. Rather Juice wants the world to know that even though he has already experienced multi-million dollar success, he is still very much focused on the grind with the intention of making more.

Other facets of “Feeling” that are worth mentioning is that WRLD gives a couple of shoutouts to his mother as well as his new shorty.

Lyrics of "Feeling"

Facts about “Feeling”

  • “Feeling” was co-written by Juice WRLD and Nick Mira (who is a frequent collaborator of WRLD).
  • Aside co-writing “Feeling”, Mira also teamed up with SIDEPCE to co-produce it.
  • “Feeling” is the tenth track on WRLD’s 2019 and second studio album, Death Race for Love.
  • The release date of “Feeling” was March 8, 2019.
  • WRLD didn’t release this track as a single. The album, on which it appears, produced only the following singles: “Hear Me Calling” and “Robbery“.

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