Meaning of “Sandra’s Rose” by Drake

“Sandra’s Rose” is a song by Canadian superstar rapper and singer Drake. The lyrics of “Sandra’s Rose” see Drake having deep reflections on how his wealth and fame have affected his life.

In one way or another, the song is an ode to his mother. Why do we say so? We say so simply because the song is titled after Drake’s beloved mother Sandra Graham. The rose in the title comes from the job Drake’s mother once used to do before he became wealthy and famous. Sandra Graham (also known as “Sandi”) used to work as a florist. FYI she also worked as an English teacher.

Others have said the “rose” refers to Drake himself. So Drake is basically saying he is his mother’s rose. It’s noteworthy that Drake and his mother are very close (at least as of the date of the song’s release). Drake is in fact so close to his mother that he often refers to himself as a “momma’s boy”.  

Drake and his mother Sandi
This is a picture of Drake and his mother Sandra Graham, also known as Sandi. Sandra raised Drake as a single mother after she and Drake’s father divorced. Drake was only 5 years then.

In the course of the song, Drake devotes some lyrics to takes shots at some of his haters, including rapper Pusha T. FYI Pusha had earlier dissed Drake’s mother Sandi on his “The Story of Adidon” track.

Away from Pusha, Drake also mocks American radio presenter Charlamagne tha God. He name drops Charlamagne and mocks his uneven skin tone by rapping about seeing light and dark patches. It’s worth mentioning that Charlamagne has been accused on multiple occasions of bleaching his skin to look more attractive.

Lyrics of "Sandra's Rose"
This is arguably the most famous line in the entire song.

Facts about “Sandra’s Rose”

  • Drake co-wrote this song with songwriters Maneesh and DJ Premier. DJ Premier went on to work with Drake to produce the track.
  • This isn’t the first time that Drake has written a song that pays homage to his mother. For example, he did the same on his 2015 song “You & The 6”.
  • “Sandra’s Rose” was released commercially on June 29, 2018. It came out as the 10th track on Drake’s fifth studio album Scorpion.
  • In addition to Drake’s vocals, this track also features the vocals of its co-writers Maneesh and Premier.
  • No music video was ever shot for “Sandra’s Rose”.

Was “Sandra’s Rose” released as a single from Scorpion?

No. The aforementioned album produced at least 7 singles, including the hits “God’s Plan” and “In My Feelings”. This wasn’t one of the 7 singles.

Are there any samples on this track?

“Sandra’s Rose” doesn’t make use of any samples.

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  1. Samuel says:

    Good Article, however in my opinion, “Like Charlemagne, I see the light and see the darkest patches” is a reference on his mental health rather than bleaching

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me if it were to be the mental piece I mean ya sure everyone struggles with mental health and as a celebrity you do see the light and darkest patches that’s how it works… but drake was dissing charlamagne this guys been trying to humiliate him for years on his show, talking about drakes success compared to him, personal life the list goes on charlamagne is one of the few broadcast hosts to actually talk trash to other rappers for more entertainment

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