Meaning of “What Would Pluto Do” by Drake 

In “What Would Pluto Do,” Drake jumps into several themes, most notably relationships, personal choices, and the dichotomy of his public persona versus private life. Here’s a breakdown:

Reference to Pluto: The title and recurrent line “What would Pluto do?” could be an allusion to rapper Future, whose nickname is Pluto. This suggests Drake is questioning himself on whether to emulate Future’s actions or decisions, particularly concerning relationships.

Relationships and Infidelity: Drake touches upon feeling betrayed by someone close, as she was involved with another friend of his. The idea of following Pluto’s (or Future’s) supposed actions serves as a justification for his own choices.

Self-Reflection and Old Habits: Lines like “Wigglin’ back into my old ways” reveal a struggle with recurring patterns of behavior, possibly related to substance use or personal decisions.

Success and Materialism: References to wealth, like diamonds and buying a new Rolls Royce, indicate the lavish lifestyle and success he’s achieved. Yet, there’s a tone of emptiness and seeking genuine connection beyond the materialism.

Challenges and Controversies: Drake mentions a lost Sprite deal due to Lil Wayne and tensions with older figures in the industry. This suggests confrontations and challenges he’s faced in his career.

Physical Attraction and Desire: The lyrics are filled with intimate and explicit references, indicating a strong physical attraction towards the woman in question.

Identity and Perception: Drake seems to grapple with how people perceive him, indicated by lines suggesting assumptions about his affiliations (‘Luminati) and questioning if people truly understand him.

Desire for Authentic Connection: Despite the bravado and explicit content, there’s an underlying yearning for genuine connection, as seen in lines where he expresses wanting a sibling for his son Adonis and questioning the authenticity of a past relationship.


Overall, “What Would Pluto Do” offers a glimpse into Drake’s internal conflicts, juxtaposing his public persona’s success and confidence with private vulnerabilities and insecurities. The song is a reflection on choices, relationships, and the complexities of navigating fame while seeking genuine connection and understanding.

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