Melanie Martinez’s “Show & Tell” Lyrics Meaning

In “Show & Tell”, Melanie Martinez is speaking to a certain kind of pressure that comes along with her celebrity. Basically, she is in the crosshairs of paparazzi. Or more to the specific point of this song, sometimes people want to get close to her even when she does not want or is prepared for their attention. 

Or another way of looking at it is that Melanie feels she is always on display and at the mercy of public opinion. That’s why she named this song after the popular children’s activity “show and tell” where participants exhibit an item to a group of people and talk about it. She feels as if she is being treated like one of those items. Thus she entreats the listening audience to remember that she has the same type of emotions that they do. In other words, Martinez invokes the golden rule in trying to get others to sympathize with her emotions.

Lyrics of "Show & Tell" lyrics

Tease and Release of “Show & Tell”

Melanie Martinez first teased this song on 23 July 2019, as part of the trailer for the movie associated with the “K-12” project.

“K-12” is the name of the album which “Show & Tell” is featured on. Both were released by Atlantic Records and Warner Music on 6 September 2019. This track is one of the outstanding tracks on “K-12”. Other notable tracks from Melanie’s “K-12” include:

Did Melanie Martinez write this song?

Martinez co-wrote “Show & Tell” with Michael Keenan, whom she works with regularly. Keenan also served as the producer of the track.

Was “Show & Tell” released as a single?

No. Actually the album “K-12” (on which it appears) wasn’t supported by any official single.

8 Responses

  1. Kwame Ntiamoah Siaw says:


  2. Melanie Martinez says:

    I LOVED IT SHE’S FLIPPING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maddie Gutierrez says:

    She is amazing, and should be respected by everyone. People disrespect her privacy and personal space, maybe that is why she wrote show and tell.

  4. Insert name here says:

    I kinda wish that the paparazzi weren’t a thing they kind of invade celebRity privacy

    • kc :) says:

      Even Tho a lot Of people Would love to be celebrity Its Probably Quite Hard.
      I Can see Why she Wrote the song.Its One of My favourites Tho (!)

  5. marii says:

    i love this bc i can relate especially when your being used out of your life

  6. Amelia says:

    I used to be the popular girl
    One day I told them the truth and said “I’m sorry, I never liked parties. Please stop asking me to help you study. I’m not a stand that you can get food, personal items, and money from. I need some alone time because I never liked being sociable. I’m not perfect, stop bothering me with those comments”.
    Rumors spread. People made the situation look bigger. They made me look bad. They slowly disappeared one by one. All those people who worshipped me. All those people all loved me.
    In other words, all those people who used me the entire time.
    Then I realized there were only a few people left with me. They really cared. No one ever did. My reputation was just a lie. A pathetic yet beautiful lie.
    Now 3 years later I sit here venting and crying to this song. Then I realize. The new “popular girl” who made me lose everything.
    Is going to run into the same fate at some point 🙂
    And maybe I could just.
    Speed up the process a bit.
    Time for revenge besties.
    Thank you to Melanie Martinez and her amazing song for motivating me to realize that being popular isn’t everything and that I can speed up the process of my revenge and put more pressure on that one girl who broke my life.

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