“More” by Halsey

Unfortunately Halsey’s history has been marked by a few miscarriages. And that is the reality which this song is based on. But the songstress is looking to the future, not to the past. 

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So basically, the person she is addressing throughout is her yet unborn child.  This is not to imply that she is pregnant at the time of dropping this tune.  Rather she anticipates that one day she will in fact give birth. And the time which transpires between now and then is only making her want the child “more”.  So yes, her heart is broken due to certain health issues she’s had to deal with in terms of becoming a mother. But she fully expects for her life to one day be more fulfilled by the child she is anticipating.

Lyrics of "More"

Quick Facts about “More”

“More” was produced by Halsey and Lido.

They also contributed to the writing of the song alongside Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, Dave Lubben, Ammar Malik, Kevin Snevely and Andrew VanWyngarden.

“More” came out as part of Halsey’s album entitled “Manic” on 17 January 2020. And the label behind the project is Capitol Records.

What Halsey Said

Halsey has publicly stated that “More” is based on her previous reproductive-health issues. Due to her prior history, she had long been operating under the impression that she would never be a mother. And she was contemplating taking measures such as freezing her eggs as a remedy. But then she received word from her doctor that she may well conceive in the future. And basically this imbued her with a new sense of hope that one day, if she so desired, she could in fact have a child. 

Moreover resultantly she stopped engaging in behaviors, such as overworking herself on tour, which may jeopardize her reproductive health.  So it can be said that this song is centered on Halsey adopting a more positive outlook on life in general in anticipation of one day having a child. And due to the very-personal nature of the tune, the songstress has classified “More” as being “one of the most-special songs (she’s) ever made.”

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