“No Judgement” by Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s ” No Judgement ” is based on the premise of a lack of judgement between two parties in a relationship leading to said union being more meaningful. More specifically Horan is addressing someone who can be classified as his girlfriend. And fundamentally, the way he goes about implementing the aforementioned ideology is by giving her complete freedom. For instance, even if she were to say slip out in the middle of night, she doesn’t have to give him an explanation of where she’s going or where she has been. 

Also they can spend “a couple of months” not communicating with each other, but when they do finally meet up everything is all good. And Niall seems to acknowledge this relationship as a temporal one. In other words, he’s not intending it to lead to anything like marriage. But still he assures the other party involved that even when they do inevitably go their separate ways, he would never reveal her “secrets”. 

So in attempting to put all of these different facets of “No Judgement” together, we can conclude the singer is akin to a single, dating man. And he is letting his transient, if you will, female partner know that he is more interested in having a happy relationship with her than monitoring her activities.

Lyrics of "No Judgement"

Facts about ” No Judgement ”

Capitol Records released this track as the third single from Niall’s sophomore album, “Heartbreak Weather”, on 7 February 2020.

Julian Bunetta and Tobias Jesso Jr. served as both writers and producers of this song.

And the other writers are Niall, Alexander Izquierdo and John Ryan.

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