“Original Me” by Yungblud (ft. Dan Reynolds)

Yungblud’s “Original Me” is premised on the singers having self-esteem issues. Such is manifest via them possessing matters such as social anxiety and a less-than-average sense of self-estimation. Indeed the singers refer to themselves as ‘original losers’, thus the foundation of the song’s title. But more to the point, they are embracing their deficiencies. In other words, they have come to realize that these selfsame private concerns are in fact what makes them unique. 

So despite clearly possessing a considerable degree of self-hatred, which is expressed throughout the song, such is not intended to be the concluding sentiment. Yes, it seems as if their ‘wish to be anyone else’ is a self-defeating mentality that will plague them into the future. But as the bridge illustrates, Yungblud and Dan Reynolds also aren’t privy to letting their personal lives be dictated by the norms of the prevailing society. 

So this song can logically be misinterpreted by listeners who are not aware of its philosophical foundation. And that basis, once again, is the artists actually accepting these flaws and rewiring their thinking to actually perceive the benefits in their individuality.

Lyrics of "Original Me"

Is “Original Me” Yungblud’s first collaboration with Dan Reynolds?

Yes! “Original Me” is the first time that Yungblud and Dan Reynolds (lead singer of Imagine Dragons) have collaborated. And Yungblud has celebrated the fact that the “mutual raw energy between” them led to the song being completed in just one day.

Release Date

Geffen Records released “Original Me” on 8 October 2019. It is one of the songs featured on Yungblud’s third EP, “The Underrated Youth”. Actually the song is the third single released from “The Underrated Youth” EP. Other singles from this EP include: “Parents” and “Hope for the Underrated Youth“.

Creation Credits of “Original Me”

The producers of “Original Me” are Jorgen Odegard and Tim Randolph.

They also co-wrote the song along with Reynolds and Yungblud. The following also receive writing credits:

  • Mike Crossey
  • Rich Koehler
  • Justin Tranter

What Yungblud has said about “Original Me”

According to Yungblud, “Original Me” is basically about having the courage to accept parts of oneself that one despises. And realizing while doing so that one’s greatest powers lie in the fact that one is original. A truly powerful message indeed!

Yungblud on "Original Me"

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