Yungblud’s “Casual Sabotage” Lyrics Meaning

Basically “Casual Sabotage” deals with the concept of Yungblud being the victim of his own celebrity. As such the title, “Casual Sabotage”, actually points to the idea of him being victimized by fans. However, what makes such “casual” is that it isn’t necessarily their intention to do so. Rather the adoration of admirers puts a considerable degree of pressure on the young singer. 

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Moreover he portrays himself as “a messed up kid” who has to deal with issues such as being afraid to sleep in the dark, feeling repressed and perhaps most notably ‘confusion’. And in general this reality, once again, is based in his interactions with others. 

So conclusively, the vocalist has both internal and external issues. The internal matters seem to be sourced in work-related stress. And the external is more along of lines of him having difficulty making true, edifying friends, which is also at least partially influenced by his profession.

Lyrics of "Casual Sabotage"

Release Date of “Casual Sabotage”

“Causal Sabotage” has been a part of Yungblud’s catalog (as in he performing it live) since early 2018. However, the song was not officially released until his record labels (including Geffen Records) featured it as part of his EP, “The Underrated Youth”, on 18 October 2019.

“Casual Sabotage” is one of our favorite tracks on the aforementioned EP. Other great songs from this EP include:  

Writing Credits

Yungblud wrote this song along with the track’s producer, Matt Schwartz.

Did Yungblud release this as a single?

No, he didn’t.

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