“A Thousand Bad Times” by Post Malone

Before delving into “A Thousand Bad Times”, it’s safe to say that a recurrent theme on Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album is this concept of him being caught up in toxic-romantic relationships. Indeed based on this particular track, such associations have become a pattern in his life. And due to such, he is expressing a sentiment tantamount to becoming accustomed to such situations. Basically he has gotten used to bad relationships and does not let such experiences deter him from his intended goals.

Posty approaches this song from a very-personal level, detailing a relationship he got into with a lady who was only interested in his wealth and fame. And he was attracted to her due to her looks.

Ultimately things don’t work out for them at all, at least not on the emotional level. But the singer comes off like someone who is the perpetual victim of abusive partners. That is to say that due to his familiarity with these types of situations, he’s getting some sort of strange kick out of it. And conclusively he suggests that, even though this lady seems to have nothing but ill will toward him, he is very much in control of the situation. He even perceives the entire scenario as “a game”.

Lyrics of "A Thousand Bad Times"

Post Malone talks about “A Thousand Bad Times”

Through Spotify, Malone referred to the song as an inspirational one.

Post Malone on "A Thousand Bad Times"

Writing Credits for “A Thousand Bad Times”

Post Malone wrote this with its producers Louis Bell and Frank Dukes. The trio was assisted in the writing department by the following:

  • Billy Walsh
  • K. Güneşberk

Date of Release

The 6th of September, 2019 was the day, Malone and his management commercially released this track. They released it along with his entire “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album.

Did Post drop “A Thousand Bad Times” as a single?

No. The album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” had only the following tracks as singles:

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