“Shameless” by Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello’s “Shameless” is based on the singer having an uncontrollable romantic interest in a particular individual. That is to state that she is strongly attracted to a certain guy.

But the reason this attraction is being termed as uncontrollable is because Camila also has strong reservations about getting involved with him, despite her infatuation. That is to say that she has concluded this is someone she should not be dealing with on that level. In fact she states specifically in the post-chorus that she “don’t wanna do this now”, as in embark on a romance with him. And apparently, the reason why she is fighting the urge to love this guy is because he is already someone else’s lover.

But at the end of the day, she cannot help but to give in to her passions. And that’s where the titular adjective, “shameless”, is derived from.

Camila eventually forsakes all inhibition and instead is “screaming (her) lungs out” regarding her feelings for this guy. But once again this is more an act of need than want. Ideologically, she feels she should be able to control herself. However, this isn’t the case. And as it stands now, she has no shame or fear in chasing after this guy. Indeed, the insinuation is that she has reached a point where she simply can no longer hold her feelings in.


So this is a song based on the singer being infatuated with a romantic interest, who is a person she logically concludes she should not get involved with. However, her strong feelings for him ultimately push her to the point where she cannot help but to let him know that they exist.

Lyrics of "Shameless"

Music Video

The direction of the music video to this song was handled by Henry Scholfield. The video was filmed in the heart of Los Angeles.

One of the days the filming took place was 12 August 2019. The reason we know this is because that is also the day “Shameless” was first teased, as a celebrity-photo agency uploaded an unofficial video from the shoot onto YouTube.

Release of “Shameless”

After first being teased on 3 September 2019, “Shameless” was officially dropped a couple of days later, on 5 September 2019.

On that same date a music video to the song, directed by Henry Scholfield, was also released.

Lyrics of “Shameless” are Autobiographical

Camila Cabello herself has made various statements pointing to the idea that this song is in fact based on her real life. And in that regard, the popular hypothesis is that the addressee would be none other than fellow music superstar Shawn Mendes, whom she has been dating since June of 2019 and is still currently with as of the release of “Shameless”. But that is debatable considering that, from a romantic perspective, Camila has insinuated that the addressee in at least some songs on her “Romance” album may have predated her romantic relationship with Mendes. Or if Mendes is a factor in this song, then he would likely be the one Camila is now hooking up with as opposed to the addressee himself.

Writing Credits

Camila wrote “Shameless” alongside its producers, hitmakers Watt and the Monsters & Strangerz.

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  1. The premise of this song is that Camila is apprehensive with her feelings. Or stated differently, she has been suppressing her romantic urges towards a particular guy, who also happens to be the addressee. However now she has become “shameless”. Or as Camila herself puts it, she is ‘screaming her lungs out’, as in calling for this guy to come and romance her. And this is not necessarily a conscientious decision but more along the lines of things having reached the point where she can no longer keep her emotions regarding this individual in check. So perhaps the best way to summarize this song is as it being representative of an individual finally mustering up the courage to initiate a relationship with a romantic interest who appears to be just as apprehensive as she is. And she is hoping that at the end of the day he will cast aside his inhibitions also and prove to be just as “shameless” in loving her as she is intent on giving it to him.

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