“St. Lucia” by Future

“St. Lucia” is the kind of song we have come to expect from Future, as it focuses on two of the themes which have helped to make him famous. The title of the song is derived from his intention to be intimate with his woman in the titular Caribbean country, which he is able to do since he is “a big dawg”. And according to this track, who this “girl” actually is can be one of a number which he possesses, as she can be from a place as diverse as China or South Africa. 

And his having access to such beauties is apparently based on his cashflow and overall standing in the game. Furthermore, in addition to being “a big dawg” he also occupies “the top floor”, which is symbolic of his position as opposed to ‘younger ni**as’ on the scene. So basically, we have a track where Future is bragging about his wealth and his shorties, with “St. Lucia” representing his wherewithal to travel to exotic locations.

Lyrics of "St Lucia"

Creation and Release Date of “St. Lucia”

This track came out on 7 June 2019 as part of Future’s EP, Save Me. It was released by Epic Records and Freebandz.

Regarding the penning of this song, Future had help writing it in the form of Fuse and K-Major, the track’s two producers.

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