Halsey’s “Clementine” Lyrics Meaning

Halsey’s “Clementine” is song which is a bit more-complex than it may appear. In it Halsey is addressing a romantic interest for the most part. And what she is doing is highlighting certain complexities of her mental disposition in general. What it all seems to point back to is a sense of vulnerability in her character. Put differently, despite coming off as a strong-willed, independent individual, the songstress wants to be loved, indeed by “everyone”. 

And basically, she is entreating the aforementioned person to sympathize and even support her through her weakness. And whereas some parts of this song are highly-poetic (i.e. challenging to interpret), that pretty much seems to be the foundational sentiment it is built upon. This foundation in question is one in which the singer entreats the addressee to embrace her despite her deficiencies, if you will. 

What is the meaning of “Clementine”?

Thus it is possible that the title of this track may point to the popular definition of the name “Clementine”, which is a lady who is mild in temperament, being that’s how Halsey comes off in this song.

The man dancing along with with Halsey in this music video is actually her younger brother. He’s called Sevian.
Lyrics of "Clementine"

Release Date of “Clementine”

Halsey (through Capitol Records) released “Clementine” on September 29th, 2019. Interestingly, the aforementioned release date also happens to be the date Halsey turned 25. So she basically celebrated or rather commemorated her 25th birthday by releasing this single. FYI, Halsey was born in New Jersey on September 29th, 1994. In one way or another, “Clementine” could pass as a birthday gift Halsey gifted to herself on her 25th birthday!

Halsey released the track as the third single from her “Manic” album. This album (which is her third studio album) also contains the following successful singles:

Halsey on the release of “Clementine”

On the day this song was dropped, Halsey took to her official Twitter account to inform the world the song was being released on her 25th birthday. According to her, sharing the song and its video was her way of celebrating that new chapter of her life.

Halsey on "Clementine"

Writing/Production Credits

Halsey penned “Clementine” with songwriter/music producer John Cunningham. Cunningham also took charge of the entire production of “Clementine”.

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