“929” by Halsey

The title of this song is actually a reference Halsey’s birthday, which is 29 September (i.e. 9/29). That would make the singer 25-years old at the time of its release. And what she is doing throughout “929” is recounting her life experiences within the confines of an extended verse. That means there are only so many aspects she can harp on. And what she seems to remember the most is the hardships she has gone through. 

Halsey indeed has an interesting history which includes her living a transient type of lifestyles and dealing with situations akin to homelessness. She has also done some things which she obviously now regrets. But it can be deemed that she has a generally-optimistic outlook towards the rest of her life. More precisely, she realizes she has room to improve and anticipates having the opportunity to do so. Or as the songstress herself puts it, she is still ‘looking for her salvation’. And conclusively, the sentiment behind this narrative is ultimately intended to imbue the listener with a sense of appreciation for the moment he or she is in the here and now.

Lyrics of "929"

Quick Facts about “929”

The producers of this track, John Cunningham and Jasper Sheff, also helped Halsey write “929”.

The song was released by Capitol Records on 17 January 2020 as the closing track on Halsey’s third album, “Manic”.

Halsey first teased this track on 12 August 2019, which was at the same time she had freshly gotten the numbers “929” tattooed onto her right hand.

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