“Ashley” by Halsey

The lyrics of Halsey’s “Ashley” are at least partially romantic in nature. We can come to this conclusion based on its outro, which features a sample from certain movie whereas the female narrator is talking about her relationship with men. But more to the point is how said speaker classifies herself as being ‘just a messed up girl looking for her own peace of mind’. For such is more or less how Halsey comes off in this track. 

In other words, the addressee may very well be her lover. But the sentiments expressed aren’t necessarily based on their romance. Rather they are centered on the singer’s internal struggle for self-realization, so to speak.  So for instance, the title of this song, “Ashley”, is Halsey’s real name, not one created for the stage. And the latter moniker can be said to be a representation of her desire for “a change”, as in not accepting her real self. 

Or stated symbolically, Halsey is a character behind which Ashley hid up until this point. So in an attempt to summarize this highly metaphoric piece into one concise idea, it seems that the singer wants to dedicate herself to living a more-fulfilling life henceforth. This is specifically in light of ‘the choices she’s made’ thus far as well as her realization that her time on Earth is indeed finite. However, she is still trying to “figure… out” exactly how to go about achieving this goal. 

So once again going back to the outro as recited by Kate Winslet, this track is indicative of the songstress seeking out “her own peace of mind”.

Quick Facts about “Ashley”

The aforementioned sample which comprises most of the outro was actually derived from a movie entitled “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004). That film featured the likes of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.

“Ashley” was written by Halsey (aka Ashley Frangipane) alongside the track’s producer, Alex Young.

It is featured on Halsey’s third album, which is entitled “Manic” and is a product of Capitol Records.

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