“Man Made” by Roddy Ricch

The title of this song (“Man Made”) is actually, according to the chorus, a diss Roddy is leveling against his rivals. And what Ricch is saying is that he personally has pride in his accomplishments because he’s “self-made”. 

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But by contrast, a lot of the other dudes out there are rather “man-made”. The vocalist doesn’t go as far as to clarify exactly what that adjective means in context. But the implication is that other ni**as who have made it, unlike Roddy, didn’t so by their own will but rather due to being propped up by others. 

So basically, alluding to his work ethic, what Ricch is implying is that his success is more genuine and hard-fought.

But with that established, this song for the most part reads like the rest of those found on “Live Life Fast”, i.e. the main emphasis being on sex. Maybe it’s sort of a West Coast tradition that young rappers drop entire albums whereas the main shtick, if you will, is graphic depictions of sexual intercourse. 

But besides that, the chorus itself revolves around Roddy warning his women not to get on his nerves too much, as he does in fact have a number of ladies at his disposal. And whereas that may not be a direct reference to sex, it is sort of an indirect one.


So as of “Man Made”, we have reached the halfway point of “Live Life Fast”. And if there’s one concept that has been convincingly established in the project thus far, it’s that Roddy likes sex and relatedly he has a number of women at his beck and all. So maybe, since he has already harped on that topic so much, he’ll take the second half of the album in a different direction.

Lyrics of "Man Made"

Facts about “Man Made”

This 3:29 munities long song, “Man Made” is the 10th track on the album, “Live Life Fast”. It was officially released as part of the album on the 17th of December, 2021.

The album is the second to be released by rapper Roddy. It was marketed by just one single (“Late at Night“).

Writing Credits

The song’s composition has been credited to Roddy and the following song writers:

  • Zay Bans
  • Louie Montana
  • Ephortless Beats
  • Beezo

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