“No Way” by Roddy Ricch (ft. Jamie Foxx)

“No Way” is yet another Roddy Ricch song that is centered largely on a romantic theme. That is to say that the title, as utilized in the chorus, is used to point to the idea of how the vocalist does not trust in women. But overall it is actually a multi-faceted rap. And the ultimate goal of the lyrics, of course, is for Roddy to convincingly present himself as the man.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Roddy Ricch's No Way at Lyrics.org.

Jamie Foxx

Meanwhile concerning the Jamie Foxx feature, he doesn’t actually participate musically but rather holds down the outro. And what Jamie does is reference a song he and Kanye dropped back in the day entitled “Slow Jamz”. And the reason he does so is to encourage Roddy to “slow it down”, as the elder Foxx deems that Ricch and the other “young cats” of the day are living life so fast (i.e. referencing the name of the album this track is derived from) that they don’t know to take their foot of the gas pedal, so to speak. 

But in reality this outro is meant to serve as a segue into the next song on the playlist of the album, which is in fact entitled “Slow It Down“.

Roddy Ricch, "No Way" Lyrics

Release Date

“No Way” is the 8th track on Ricch’s 2021 album titled “Live Life Fast”. The album was officially released on the 17th of December, 2021.

It was released by Atlantic Records and Bird Vision Entertainment, both American based record labels.

About six months before the album’s official release, its only single, “Late at Night” was put out.

Credits for “Now Way”

Aside from being a feature on the song, American actor, Jamie Foxx partook in its composition. Three other writers including, Cardo, Dez Wright and Roddy himself played various roles in authoring the song.

No Way

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