“Vete” by Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny’s “Vete” is very much a breakup song. In fact the title, when translated from Bad Bunny’s native Spanish tongue, can be understood as him forcefully exclaiming ‘get out!’ And who he is relaying this sentiment to is someone whom we can safely categorize as his freshly-minted ex. 

And basically, the way Bunny is presenting the situation is by depicting himself as a victim of regular abuse by her hands. But apparently he has now reached the point where he can’t take it anymore. So he’s telling her to go and not to look back. In other words he wants absolutely nothing to do with her henceforth. And he is stating that it is her own “fault” that such is transpiring. 

So the insinuation is that she doesn’t actually want to go. Indeed according to the vocalist he treated her well, such as buying her expensive clothes and remembering to celebrate holidays with her. Moreover, in taking away a positive from the situation, he does feel that suffering by her hands has made her stronger. 

And conclusively he doesn’t wish her any ill will but rather “luck”, happiness and fun in the future. But once again, that is a future he wants no part of whatsoever.

Quick Facts about “Vete”

Bad Bunny wrote “Vete” along with E. Dawkins, E. Semper and the Weezy Kings.

And the producer of the song is known as SubeloNeo.

This is the lead single from Bad Bunny’s forthcoming second-solo album. The album is titled “YHLQMDLG”.

And the label behind this song is called Rimas Music.

3 Responses

  1. jazlyn says:

    but he says the word “mami” so is he talking about his mom or who?

    • Anonymous says:

      Native Spanish speakers if not all, usually use “mami” to refer to anyone besides their mother. For example, Bad Bunny uses “mami” to describe his ex lover.

  2. zapcore says:

    his mom

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