“Where I Find God” by Larry Fleet

The truth of the matter is that generally speaking no one has seen God, and if a person tells you he or she has, it’s probably someone trying to sell you a book or something. So believers often tend to be such that they verify the presence of God in their lives via personal miracles that they witness or through what they perceive as blessings in general. And so it is with Larry Fleet in this song (“Where I Find God”).

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The Lyrics

In the first verse, Larry recounts a time when he was in a bar, completely assed out, and a stranger not only “paid his tab” but also the cab fare for the vocalist to go home. 

In the second verse, Larry recounts the words of his father, someone who, as inferred, was spiritually wiser than he is and realized that peace can be found in silence and stillness. And in the third verse, the singer appears to be thankful for having a significant other in his life.

To reiterate, being treated to drinks by a stranger, having a wise dad or even scoring a wife aren’t experiences such that anyone who is a recipient of such would make a big deal out of it. But as for this particular narrator, ‘that’s where he finds God’. Or as implied overall, Fleet isn’t necessarily the spiritual type in the church sense of the word. But on a private level, he does converse with the Most High regularly. And he is also convinced, let’s say most simply put, that the Lord likewise recognizes his existence.

Larry Fleet, "Where I Find God" Lyrics
Larry Fleet talks about where he finds God.

All in all, Larry Fleet is telling the world that he finds the presence of God in the simple yet priceless stuff that many of us take for granted. For example, he can even feel God’s presence whenever he looks at his beautiful family.

Credits for “Where I Find God”

Larry, who described this track as “blue collar gospel”, authored it with Connie Harrington, an accomplished country music songwriter. This marked the first time he and Connie ever wrote a song together.

According to Larry, he shares the same faith in God with Connie. This shared faith inspired them to pen the song. He further revealed that both he and Connie felt that this was a song that world needed to hear and embrace.

When did Larry Fleet release “Where I Find God”?

This song was released back on 12 October 2020. It is associated with his second-studio album, 2021’s “Stack of Records”.

“Where I Find God” made headlines during early-September 2022 when Larry performed it with Morgan Wallen.

At this point Morgan is a much bigger name in the industry than Larry.

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