“Had Enough” by G-Eazy

The title of this song points to the idea that at a certain point in time G-Eazy and his ex “fell out of love” with each other. Or stated differently, they “had enough” of being together. However, the rapper apparently still has some type of feelings for this lady and seemingly vice versa. But such mutual attention is manifest in the two of them – or at least the lady – constantly throwing shade. So now he is pretty much telling her that he is going to erase her from his history, as in he no longer has any love for her whatsoever.

There is ample evidence to conclude that whom G-Eazy is actually addressing in this song is fellow music celebrity Halsey.  G-Eazy has had numerous famous girlfriends throughout the years. But as of 2020, his relationship with Halsey lasted longer than any of the others.

There are various artists, some of them famous, credited with writing this song. For instance, Russell Simmons, Rev. Run and D.M.C. of Run DMC fame. This would likely be due to some type of sample. Rappers Lil Jon and E-40 are also credited. Then there’s Carly Simon, since her song “You’re So Vain” is interpolated into “Had Enough”. And finally, outside of G-Eazy himself, we have Charlie Williams, Matthew Bauerschmidt, Kossisko and the track’s producers, Dusty Kessler and Dakari.

RCA Records, Blueprint Group and The Revels Group released this tune on June 25th, 2020. It came out a few hours in advance of the album it is featured on, “Everything’s Strange Here”.

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