“Work from Home” by Fifth Harmony (ft. Ty Dolla Sign)

In this track, the narrator primarily tells their significant other to spend more time with them intimately instead of going to work all the time. The narrator asks their partner to consider their intimate moments as a vacation from their busy schedules.  They liken this affair to work, but this time done from the comfort of their home with their bodies.

The writer sticks to the work theme and uses several terms to describe the state of their relationship. Apparently, this partner works on night-shifts, thus leaving the partner lonely when they need them most. After growing tired of this trend, the writer decides to send nude pictures while her partner is at work or worse, convince him not to go to his job at all. Her defense is that her man should put in more effort into their relationship and not let his work interrupt their intimacy.

Fifth Harmony’s Dinah revealed to Billboard that this song was initially titled “Work“; however, after Rihanna released her song of the same title a month ahead, they added ‘from home’ to their title.


  • Pop
  • R&B

Chart Performance

  • United States: 4
  • United Kingdom: 2


  • American Music Awards (2016)
  • MTV Video Music Awards (2016)
  • Kids Choice Awards (2017)

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