“All Night” by BTS & Juice WRLD

This track marks an ambitious collaboration between pop-friendly boy band BTS and hardcore ‘hood rapper Juice WRLD. This song is entitled “All Night”, and the respective artists apply this phrase in different ways.

For instance, the BTS boys (RM and Suga) seem to use it as a metaphor for the rappers’ success. And in that regard, they are saying that they are going to keep going “all night”, as in continuing their unrelenting pursuit for even greater accomplishments. Meanwhile Juice WRLD’s rap is dedicated to a special lady whom he is in love with. Thus it can be deduced that his application of “all night” refers to the intimate time he intends to spend with her. Indeed the ultimate goal of the track appears to be drawing a parallel between spending “all night” chillin’ with a shorty and the artists’ work ethics and career aspirations.

And while the artists rap largely in their own respective languages (Korean and English) – thus making “All Night” a bilingual song – they achieve the goal of putting together a comprehensive single. Thus it is very possible that this is but the first of more collaborations BTS will release in the future alongside hardcore, Stateside hip-hop artists.

Lyrics of BTS' "All Night"

Facts about “All Night”

Only two of the seven members of BTS make an appearance on this song – rappers RM and Suga.

The track was produced by Powers Pleasant, a DJ from the East Coast-based Pro Era crew. He also assisted in writing the song along with Marric Antonio Strobert, Juice WRLD, RM and Suga.

“All Night” was officially released on 21 June 2019 by Big Hit Entertainment, a label based in South Korea.  It is the third single released from “BTS World: Original Soundtrack”, with “BTS World” being a videogame featuring the titular boy band. The songs “Dream Glow” and “A Brand New Day” also appear on this project.

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