“Intentions” by Justin Bieber (ft. Quavo)

Simply put, Justin Bieber’s “Intentions” is a love song. The Biebs and Quavo are using the lyrics of this track to shower praise on their respective romantic interests. And in that regard, the titular “intentions” are indicative of their commitment to do what they have to do in order to properly take care of these ladies. This is not in the sense of showering them with material goods per se, as it is revealed that these women ‘got their own bread’. Rather these “intentions” are indicative of the strong adoration they have for the personal attributes of their partners. One such outstanding attribute is the lady having a “heart full of equity”. And that aspect of the song, i.e. the upright and independent nature of the female addressee, is apparently how it relates to its official music video. 

Said clip was created in collaboration with an NGO called Alexandria House.  And as opposed to romance, it rather it focuses on a trio of at-risk women who are associated with that organization. Moreover in conjunction with the effort, Justin is apparently in the process of raising a couple of hundred-thousand dollars to donate to the Alexandria House. So even though this song is romantic in nature, Bieber and Quavo used the occasion to support a more-righteous cause, so to speak. But that being said, getting past the stories being told in the video this is, as stated earlier, an ode of adoration for the addressee. And apparently the addressee would be the significant other of the narrator.

Lyrics of "Intentions"

Quick Facts about “Intentions”

This track was produced by Poo Bear and a musical duo known as The Audibles. Producers Dominic Jordan and Jimmy Giannos make up The Audibles.

Those three artists also co-wrote “Intentions” alongside Bieber and Quavo.

The Biebs and Quavo have worked on a couple of tracks together, respectively in 2017 and 2018, prior to this one.

Michael Ratner directed the music video to “Intentions”.

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  1. ariadne says:

    What does “Make sure that you don’t need no mentions” mean?

  2. Ella DD says:

    Referring to the kids that they need no reason to complain of anything.

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