Beabadoobee’s “Sorry” Lyrics Meaning

The way Beabadoobee has described the song “Sorry” is as one in which the addressee is a childhood friend(s). During their years together they lived a wild, experimental life which included messing with drugs. But unfortunately for the addressee, such a habit overtook her to the point where the singer felt she needed to separate herself from this individual. 

And even in the present day, the addressee is still dealing with this issue. So the singer is not only “sorry” for having to excommunicate this person, even though for the most part she still feels a need to do so. But she is also feeling partially to blame, so to speak, for this individual falling into such a trap in the first place.

Beabadoobee talks about “Sorry”

Below are Bea’s words in relation to this song:

Beabadoobee's talks about "Sorry"

Bea revealed this during an interview with Apple Music in August of 2020 – the same month “Sorry” was released.

Bea’s Troubled Teenage Years

Despite Bea’s speedy rise to success, she had a rather tough childhood. The singer has revealed that she was expelled from Sacred Heart High School for bad behavior and bad grades. She later completed her thirteenth year at the all-girls Hammersmith secondary school where she was one of the few Filipino girls.

Speaking to the Guardian, the singer noted that she found herself among a group of friends and eventually did a lot of drugs. The artist recalls feeling empty during her childhood while sharing that during one summer when she was about 15 or 16, there wasn’t a single day when she was not on drugs. The depression she constantly felt during her childhood years seem to have seeped into the lyrics she pens which mostly talk about infidelity, despair, and mental illness with a sense of hope.

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