“Further Away” by Beabadoobee

Basically the title of this song serves as a metaphor alluding to the idea that the singer thinks the addressees are stupid, though not in a literal sense per se. Rather the intended audience is people who used to pick on her back in the day. And the lyrics aren’t so much about the singer throwing her success in their faces, even though there is a hint of such a sentiment. Rather, as aforementioned, it’s more along the lines of Beabadoobee just reminding such individuals that they are of a lower mental aptitude. Or as she puts it, their ‘brains are further away’ then even the moon itself.

Beabadoobee talks about “Further Away”

According to Beabadoobee’s own Spotify account, this song centers on her “finally accepting” herself for who she truly is.

Based on the above, it would be safe to say that this track is Bea’s way of encouraging people to accept themselves.

Why it is important to be comfortable with who you are

“Self-confidence is one way that one can develop. In order to be confident in yourself, it is proper to first be comfortable and accept who you really are. By doing so, you are likely to create your own brand and identity which will differentiate you from the rest. Furthermore, being comfortable with your identity will help you to follow your beliefs and values which will, in one way or the other, help to achieve your goals.

Being comfortable with yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you should be complacent or halt your development. No matter the level you have gotten to, there’s always more room to improve upon your previous self. However, being comfortable in this sense is to block all external pressures. Freeing yourself from influences from outside people, be it from parents, friends, business partners, or other people, is one of the ways to work on yourself and grow.” – Emma Jenssen

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