“How Was Your Day?” by Beabadoobee

It’s easy to conclude that the singer is addressing a romantic interest, and she somehow alludes to as much in the second verse. However, based on Beabadoobee’s personal explanation of the track, it can also be interpreted as a general-friendship tune, if the listener decides to perceive it as such. But that being said, what the singer is putting forth, as the title indirectly suggests, is that she does not get to spend as much time with the addressee as she desires. In other words, being separated from this individual is making her miss him, including the disagreements that they’ve had. 

So on one hand yes, she is acquiring about his wellbeing. But more to the point she is letting this individual know that she greatly misses his company.

It is very likely that Beabadoobee is directly talking to her boyfriend Soren Harrison.

When did Beabadoobee release “How Was Your Day?”

On 29th September, 2020. She released this as single number 4 from the first proper album of her career titled “Fake It Flowers”.


As usual, Beabadoobee exclusively composed this song. Actually she wrote all the songs on “Fake It Flowers” herself.

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