“Together” by Beabadoobee

One way of interpreting “Together” is that Beabadoobee, who establishes herself as free-spirited throughout her “Fake It Flowers” album, is once again extolling a life of independence. However, she has also come to realize that, even though her relationship with the addressee may not be prefect, she does value being “together” with this individual. And it is very much possible that she is speaking to a romantic interest. And in a nutshell, Beabadoobee is letting him know that verily she is “doing great” by herself.  But with that being thoroughly established, she also truthfully proclaims that she feels “better” when they are “together”.

It is apparent the romantic interest whom Bea is addressing in this song is none other than Soren Harrison. Harrison is her boyfriend (as of the release date of the song). She even penned a song dedicated to him titled “Horen Sarrison“.


Beabadoobee wrote this track exclusively. Just like she did with all the tracks on its album “Fake It Flowers”.

Release of “Together”

“Fake It Flowers” produced approximately five singles. On October 13th, 2020, “Together” was released as this album’s final single. The four other songs Beabadoobee released as the album’s official singles are as follows:

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